Keith was born and raised in San Diego, CA. He was raised in a very musical family as his father played the Hammond organ, his mother was a huge music fan and there was always playing music in the house.
Keith is a professional drummer/musician and has played secular music with Pop, Rock, Metal, Rap, R&B, Country and Jazz Groups since he was 13 years old. He has recorded and played all over the Southwestern United States.

After Keith graduated from Musicians Institute (MI) in 2007, he opened a recording studio in San Diego, and then in Lake Elsinore. After a year of recording in Lake Elsinore he met his soon-to-be wife Leilani, and they got married 2 years later. Leilani brought Keith to Lamb’s for the Stations of the Cross and then they started to attend Lamb’s regularly. He has been a part of The Lamb’s Fellowship since that April of 2017. Keith came to the Lord in 2018 when he felt a call from the Lord.

Keith became the Musical Director at Lamb’s in 2021, and then became the Worship Director in early 2023. He now oversees all music/ worship activities at Lamb’s. Keith still plays out with multiple bands and groups all over the southwest, as well as records for multiple artists and groups.
Keith’s goal is to grow the Worship Ministry at Lamb’s, while helping other churches with their worship and eventually creating a mobile team to go off campus to spread the Gospel of Jesus. Keith feels that through worship we can reach lost sinners and help to bring them to the Lord.

“Worship can change someone’s life and open them up to what God has in store for them.” – Keith Stickney

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