Our Story

Our Story

Pastor Marty Edwards and The Lamb’s Fellowship of Murrieta had a blessed and growing ministry in the 1990’s. From humble beginnings in houses, community centers, high schools, and movie theaters, they preached the Word of God, made disciples, loved people, and served the city. And the church grew.

Called by God to multiply, they sent Pastor Gary Enniss and his wife Marty to plant The Lamb’s Fellowship Lake Elsinore. The first service was in a living room on January 5th, 1997. 30 people committed to pray, attend every week, tithe, and share a vision to make God known in Lake Elsinore.

Within 2 months the church had grown to 80 people, certainly too large for a living room. On faith, Lambs rented the Cultural Center in downtown and had the first public service the Sunday before Easter of 1997. The church grew from 80 to 160 within 6 months.

The Cultural Center needed to re-do its floors so Lambs moved to Temescal Canyon High School where it stayed for a few years. Wouldn’t you know it, but the church grew some more all the way to 850 people.

Through a series of miraculous events, Lambs purchased the property on Railroad Canyon. Only God could have made it all happen. The first thing built was our beautiful amphitheater that was immediately used for the church and the community. But, in 2003, the church buildings that were only 80% completed burned to the ground. But, God had more miracles in store.

As the church burned, Channel 4 News reported of it. When asked how it felt to see the church burn, Pastor Gary said “The church isn’t burning. That’s just a building. The church is alive and well.” For a long time after there was a banner at Lambs that read: “The building is burned but the church is still standing and praising God.”

The church was rebuilt. The founding members of Lambs wrote their names and life verses on rocks that were poured into the foundation of the Sanctuary. On the concrete underneath the carpet are also the names of over 500 people they prayed for to receive Christ. Many original members of the church have paced off the distance to those names to hold hands with those they prayed for as they accepted Christ at our church.

In the rebuilt sanctuary and buildings, Lambs had its first service with over 700 in attendance. It was a day full of joy and the presence of the Spirit of God. It’s safe to say that something special was happening at The Lamb’s Fellowship Lake Elsinore. And everyone was clinging to the Lord every step of the way.

It continues. For over 20 years since then, The Lamb’s Fellowship has answered the call to love people, make disciples, and serve the city. We believe our very best days are still before us. But we honor and cherish the deep commitment of all those who have answered God’s call to serve The Lamb of God here in Lake Elsinore. #forthelamb