Kasey was born in Palm Springs, CA, but grew up primarily in Temecula and Hemet. He grew up in a loving home surrounded by people who loved and followed Jesus with all of their hearts.  Despite this fact, it was not until attending college locally at Mt. San Jacinto College that he came to an intellectual conversion and placed his faith in Jesus – the heart conversion took a little bit longer, and God used a diagnosis of Clinical Depression in 1995 to initiate a relationship based on love that would alter things entirely.

After graduating from MSJC, Kasey pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University.  In 1999, having graduated from Biola, he returned home to Hemet and began serving God through involvement in the ministry of his local church.  It became clear around 2002 that God had some new things in store for his life; Kasey got connected with the Free Methodist Church and sensed a deeper call to serve God in vocational ministry.  This led to completing seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2009 and then pursuing Ordination with the Free Methodist Church in 2012.

In the midst of pursuing his Seminary education, Kasey married a wonderful young woman named Lindsey and the two were married in 2006 – they have since been blessed with 3 children (Kalin, Amelia, and Jonas), and their adventures as a family in service to God and His Church have taken them from Kentucky, to northern California, southern California, Washington, Idaho, and back “home” again to southern California.  Kasey has served as an Associate Pastor, Lead/Solo Pastor, School of Ministry Instructor, Small Groups Leader, Conference Instructor of Ordinands, and Pastor of Spiritual Formation.
Kasey continues to live by the mandate of, “faith seeking understanding” because there is always so much more to learn as we continue to follow after Jesus.  Kasey loves sports (like, really loves sports), reading all things philosophical/theological, and being with his family (not necessarily in that order).  A favorite quote comes from Pastor and Author Frederick Buechner who said, “Here is the world, beautiful and terrible things will happen, don’t be afraid”.
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